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Kanye West heading to rehab?

2009-10-01 11:06:22 by Arockalypse

Nothing says "I'm sorry" like a stint in rehab, right? Well, in celebrity land it does.

If recent reports in a number of US mags are to be believed, Kanye West may soon be checking in to rehab to address his drinking problems, mend his douchey ways, and learn not to interrupt people's acceptance speeches any more.

You see, Kanye was seen drinking heavily (from the bottle!) that night at the VMAs when he made a total arse of himself and ruined Taylor Swift's winning moment. Although he's already apologised, a spell in rehab might be just what the publicist ordered to help him gain some public forgiveness.

If the rumours are true, expect Kanye to disappear for 30 days or so once his 'Fame Kills' tour raps in January.


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